Chatbots for the Travel and OTA Industry

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What Smartloop Can Do for Travel Industry Brands

AutomateAutomate repetitive tasks such as booking, promotions, and content delivery. Human takeover is also available. Save money from maintaining expensive call centers.

Create a tailor-made experience for your clients by securely feeding your chatbot with data from your internal booking system(s), CRM and/or database.

ChannelsBuild a single chatbot and deploy it on the messengers/ channels your customers already use, incl. your website(s). Dedicated chatbots are not required.

CloudDeploy the chatbot in the secure Smartloop cloud (99.9% uptime) or on-premise.

DashboardMonitor chatbot performance, usage and version control from one single dashboard.

EncryptEncrypt and obfuscate private data.

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Chatbot templates for the travel sector.

Chatbot Use Cases for the Travel Industry

  • Provide automated 24/7 customer service with minimal human involvement, regardless of the time zone your customer is in.
  • Provide users with their booking information at the right time, directly in the messaging app they use the most (no dedicated app required)
  • Chatbots are multilingual – they speak the language of your customer.
  • Use chatbots as a local guide by giving recommendations based on information, shared by the user’s device, such as location and time of day.
  • Engage your customers. Send out offers and last-minute deals. Cross- sell additional travel products quickly and easily.

Recime chatbot for the travel industry

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What To Expect After Successful Chatbot Deployment

High Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

Your customers will be able to interact with your brand more conveniently, via the channels they use daily. Your users don’t have to install a separate mobile application.

Lower Development Costs

There is no need to create and maintain a stand-alone mobile application. Plus, a single code base ensures that all of your deployed chatbots are always up to date.

Lower Support Costs

The chatbot can handle at least 30% of your service load with proper setup. Plus, it will allow you to save money from maintaining expensive call centres.

Increase Conversions

When potential customers have questions, they can get them answered via the 24/7 chatbot, leading to higher conversions and satisfaction.

Reach Users Immediately

Use push notifications for up-to-date info, important news and promos – there is no need to update mobile apps and websites.

More Customer Insights

Analyze your customers’ purchasing patterns and their habits, find out more about them. You will know what engages them the most.

“63% of people would consider messaging an online chatbot to get in touch with a business or brand.”

Sam Shead, Business Insider

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