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Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy with Conversational Agents

Build Personal Relationships

Have 1-to-1 conversations with customers, share engaging content, all while improving retention rates.

Improve Open Rates

Use a chatbot and achieve over 80% open rates and over 40% click-through rates.

Nurture New Users

Chatbots are interactive and fun to engage with. New leads love them.

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Automate Your Sales Funnel with Chatbots

Assist Leads in Your Funnel

Use a chatbot to have personalized conversations with your potential customers and guide them through your sales funnel.

Re-Engage Leads, Drive Sales

Use automated messages to target and re-engage cold leads, or upsell existing customers. Asos, an online fashion retailer, saw 3x increase in orders with its chatbot.

Qualify Leads Better

Chatbots can qualify leads better than any web form, 24/7. Use chatbots to understand your user’s needs, direct the conversation to a representative, schedule appointments, upsell and cross-sell.

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Improve Your Customer Service with Automated Conversations

Automate FAQs and Tier 1 Support

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to understand customer questions and answer them immediately. Train your bot using real data and improve it using analytics and AI.

Chatbots are Better than Live Agents

Live agents are costly. Chatbots handle repetitive questions 24/7. This increases satisfaction rates and allows your agents to focus on more important tasks.

Chatbots Reply Instantly

Customers demand instant replies to their support inquiries, and a chatbot delivers exactly that. By using a chatbot, Globe Telecom decreased call volume by 50% and increased employee productivity by 350%.

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A Powerful Solution to Grow Your Business

Greatly Reduced Time to Market

Our point-and-click chatbot builder allows you to create engaging conversations quickly. Updating a conversation flow takes minutes and no coding is required.

Improve Conversations with AI and Analytics

Smartloop chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and can understand your customer’s conversation. Built-in analytics will improve your chatbot over time.

Reach Customers on the Channels They Use

Have conversations with customers where they spend their time. Have automated conversations on your website, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat and voice.

Stable and Secure

The Smartloop platform will take care of the tech stuff for you. Built on enterprise-grade technologies, your chatbots are secure and able to handle any amount of conversations.

Message Broadcasting

Your messages should be read and Smartloop offers the tools to do it. Target your customers and automatically send them personalized content. Setting up a broadcast takes minutes, and has higher open rates than email.

Multi Language Support

Your customers speak different languages. Smartloop supports over 15 languages, which will allow you to have conversations with your customers in their preferred language.

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Our partnership with Smartloop helped us create an AI-powered chatbot to have a personalized conversation with property owners and guide them to find exactly what they are searching for on the Assessor’s webpage in the most efficient manner, even when our office is closed.

Tanya R. Giddings

Assessor at Bernalillo County

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