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Create AI Chatbots with Ease

Design Fascinating Conversations Visually

The point-and-click chatbot builder by Smartloop allows you to create engaging conversation flows quickly and without hassle. The available chatbot templates will help you kick-start the process. The platform will take care of the nitty-gritty tech stuff for you, so that you don’t have to.

Improve Conversations with AI

Unlike other platforms, the Smartloop builder is AI-powered – you can train your virtual assistant to better understand your users. Integrated chatbot analytics capture vague user phrases and allow you to add quality responses on the go. The ability to hand the conversation over to a human is coming soon.

Recime Channels

Reach Your Users on the Channels They Use

Smartloop supports all popular channels to help you interact with your users: website, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Telegram, WeChat and Twilio (SMS). The best part: no code is required to deploy a bot. Support for Amazon Alexa is also on its way.

The Ultimate Platform for Great Chatbots

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Why Brands Choose Smartloop

Greatly Reduced Time to Market

Creating an AI-powered chatbot with the Smartloop chatbot builder takes minutes. Compare this to over six months with some chatbot agencies!

Smart, AI-Powered Bots

Smartloop chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence and can be trained to understand the conversation context. Other chatbot platforms are keyword-based – there is no AI – which leads to broken flows and user experience.

Maintenance Is Taken Care Of

Smartloop maintains the needed runtime environment and security for you, while offering 99.8% SLA uptime.

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Technology Partners

Recime is a Viber Partner

Chatbots Are Winning Over Email and Mobile Apps

84% Open Rates for Your Campaigns

BabyCenter (part of Johnson and Johnson) saw a 84% read rate and 54% click-through rate after introducing its chatbot. You can achieve similar results with the Smartloop message broadcasting.

Customer Satisfaction Up By 22%

By using a chatbot, Globe Telecom increased customer satisfaction by 22%, decreased call volume by 50% and increased employees productivity by 350%.

40% Higher Customer Interactions

KLM, the airline giant, added a chatbot as a new entry point for customers to receive flight information, resulting in a 40% increase in customer interactions, while increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS).

35% Increase in Reach

Asos, a mobile-first online fashion retailer, offered a chatbot that delivered richly personalised retargeting. The results are impressive: 35% more people reached, 3x increase in orders, 2.5x increase in return on ad spend.

Customer Service. Automated.

Swedbank introduced a chatbot to reduce the time staff spent on taking calls from customers. The chatbot achieved an impressive 78% resolution rate. Estonia’s e-Residency digital program automated 45% of their service with a single chatbot.

Bot Retention Rate Is 2x Better Than Mobile Apps

When it comes to retention, BI Intelligence reports that bots are beating apps by a factor of 2, because chatbots have the advantage of being transient, frictionless and with low barrier to entry (no download or sign-up needed).

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We looked at a lot of chatbot platforms to find one that encompasses multiple messenger services, but primarily WeChat. Smartloop (then called Recimē) was the only one that we found to cover our requirements across the board, and it was a no-brainer for us. With the help of their team we built a great Facebook Messenger and WeChat chatbot that integrated into the Wyre service. The Smartloop platform crushed it!

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